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Thanks for the suggestions!
I fumbled around with the "View Options", but I fail to understand how the "Task labels" part on the right works... what I am supposed to choose in the 3 menues in order for violations or task names to show up?
P.S. The "Critical Path" in my project only highlights the last milestone of the project... I definitely must be doing something wrong...
If you want the task names to show up to the left of a task bar, you would select the drop-down menu on the left of the task bar and select "Task". If you want a violation marker to show up instead select "Violation".

As for critical path, there's a couple of criterias that need to be met before the path is shown. The idea is that the critical path shows the chain of tasks that will affect/delay the outcome of the last task in your project. Some items to check in your project include:

-Making sure the tasks are scheduled to start "As early as constraints allow". You can check this by going to the "Task : Information" inspector for each task. If it's set to start "On specified date", it won't be considered part of the chain because any changes to the chain don't affect it's schedule. A task or milestone can be set to "On specified date" if you drag it in the gantt chart to set its schedule or if you type in a specific start date in the Task : Information inspector.

-Making sure there are no gaps of time between each task. If there's a gap, it's not part of the critical path because it has some wiggle room before it affects the schedule of the next task.