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Again, whpalmer, you fail to understand my concern. I paid for this software (and the iPhone app, and the inevitable iPad app, when it arrives) so that I can put my data into it in substantial part so that I do not forget it. Throwing away any part of my data without giving me any recourse to avoid the operation completely defeats that purpose and undermines the apparent utility of the entire software family for me. Giving me the "option" to manually re-enter my data again after I had already entered it once makes me question why I expended the effort of putting the data into the software in the first place if it's going to be at risk of arbitrary discard. Why did I bother spending the time to enter that data in the first place if I'm always going to be at risk of having to manually reconcile it again? There haven't even been any details provided here of how reconciling such an event would work in the first place, which leaves me even more concerned.

Given all of this, I've already suggested that as an alternative to reverting this behavior, how about providing an opt-out for the people who understand the implications and understand that letting the databases drift too far out-of-sync will have performance implications? That way you can satisfy those who don't understand why their syncs are getting slower but not scare off those who take data integrity very seriously.