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I see the new release has dropped: so is there any way to turn this behavior off?
The "dead" client age timeout is controlled by the SyncClientDeadAge hidden default. Its default value is three weeks (1814400 seconds), but you could change it to one quarter (13 weeks, 7862400 seconds) with this Terminal command:

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus SyncClientDeadAge -float 7862400
However, please note that you'll need to change this independently on every syncing device. (We can't easily sync the setting, because it's used to determine which transactions we pay attention to while syncing in the first place.)

The best-of-both-worlds way I'd like to solve stale clients going forward is to make it easy to merge and synchronize databases from unregistered clients, so we can merge changes from them without having to keep tracking every change which has happened while they were unsynchronized. (That would also be useful for initial synchronizations as well, such as when someone first sets up their iPhone and iPad independently and later decides they'd like to sync them together.)