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I'd like to show my Omnifocus tasks on Panic's Statusboard. Is there a solution or script that works with the Omnisync service to grab and format the data accordingly?

The only solution I currently know is using the ofexport script to read a local Omnifocus database and save the output to a Dropbox folder. Unfortunately this doesn't really work with iOS based workflows and seems to be quite easy to break.

Any alternatives? Ideas? Maybe something similar as ofexport working with Omnisync?
This solution is only any use if you leave your Mac on all the time but I use ofexport with Hazel.

Hazel monitors my OF database file for changes and then automatically exports the data. Since OmniFocus syncs periodically it'll never be too out of date.

I did consider trying to read the synced zip files but that was more work than reverse-engineering the database.

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