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Another suggestion...

using iCal, I can schedule an event to fire off every night... or hour or whatever time. I can use iCal to open the .sh file. (I have to use TinkerTool to make hidden files visible first).

What would you think about modifying the script, so that when the script runs... it checks for a newer version, downloads it, mounts the disk image, and then asks prompts to quit OF. That way, if the script is stalled, the newer version has still downloaded and all I have to do quit OF, drag the newer version to applications & authenticate.
The new version IS downloaded before you are prompted to quit OmniFocus.

I did this explicitly because I'm used to working on a slow connection where OmniFocus might take 30 minutes to download.

So you can run it whenever you want and it will wait for you to quit OmniFocus.

However, my suggestion is to quit OmniFocus before you go to bed.


Alpha programs often have memory leaks (I don't know that OF does, just saying it's possible).

Also, then when you come to the computer in the AM it will be waiting with an EULA.

How long does it take OF to download for you? If it's not too long I'd just suggest that you make updating it the first thing you do in the morning. Otherwise the OmniGurus may have released ANOTHER version since the time you started this. That's why I recommend not automating the download.