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You are right about the automation... I was thinking of having it check every min for a new version and then downloading... I'm sure thee omnions would love for everyone to do that... ;)
Enough people do that and I suspect that I'd find myself bound, gagged, and thrown into the river with cement handcuffs, and the last thing I'd hear is "Ken Case says hello."

Originally Posted by SpiralOcean
Running the app in the morning is probably what I'll do.
Here's my morning ritual:

1) Shut off alarm
2) Open MacBook
3) run ''
4) Go to the bathroom, brush teeth, etc
5) Click on EULA
6) Launch OmniFocus


That made me realize something....

I just added

open -a OmniFocus

to the script (at the very bottom, right above 'exit 0' and 'eof') so the script will launch OmniFocus when it's done :-)