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Hey, omnifocus is great and is just what I have been looking for, being a recent convert to Macs and a longtime user of programs like EccoPro and going way back to Lotus Agenda. You have done a great job!

Sorry if this is not the place to post feature requests but no other was evident at a quick glance.

I'd like to have more precise control over the status filter choices. For instance, I'd like to be able to define "due soon" as meaning it has today's date or sooner for a due date, rather than due within the next 24 hours. That way I can clear the screen of things that I really cannot do, or choose not to, until sunrise on tomorrow's date. I'd also like to look at a 3 day window and at a 7 day window and a 30 day window into my tasks.

Thanks much, and keep it up. I think you've got a real winner here!