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Further clarification: all OmniFocus builds will look for whatever tracks are recorded in your preferences & all final builds. When you run a beta build, it will add 'beta' to your track list. When you run a sneakypeek, it adds that track to your track list. So then whatever track the current build is on, you'll still get info about all the tracks you've previously used.

OmniFocus 1.0.1 is an exception to this. When you run that final build, it will intentionally forget that you've ever run a beta or sneakypeek. We did this because a lot of people who normally only want to run stable final builds, chose to run the sneakypeeks when they were the only version of OmniFocus available. So now if you want to keep running sneakypeeks, you need to re-opt in this one time. (And please make sure you're backing up your database!)