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"last several years" is an extreme exaggeration... not even going to mention "every couple weeks." OW has barely had tabs for "several years." Prior to this forum, I only saw it brought up a handful of times.
Considering that Omniweb 5 has been around since 2004 and the sneaky peeks and betas well before that, it has indeed been several years. In fact that's longer than most Mac browsers, and this topic has been discussed ad-nauseum both here and on the old mailing list. It's not that Omnigroup doesn't listen. On the contrary, they have been very responsive to user feedback over the years, and the user community has been pretty outspoken that they prefer the drawer implementation.

I'm in that camp. I use OW as my primary browser, and the visual tab drawer is one of the key features I can't live without. I don't find the top-oriented tab implementation in other browsers to be very useful for navigation at all, unless they are all from different sites. If you're looking at 5 or 12 pages from the same site, chances are you can't tell one tab from another without a visual representation. There's also a lot of powerful functionality built into the drawer that is absent in other tab imlementations. I also agree that with widescreen monitors being the norm, vertical screen real estate is far more valuable. Apple doesn't get this about the Dock, either, but at least it is possible to move it out of the way.