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I tried OF, then went back to my database because I couldn't get OF to cope with complexity and high volume. But I have increasing need of sync and mobility, so I'm trying OF again, and am hopeful that experienced users will be able to help me get my mind around its methods.

"Ask boss to adjust budget target for Project X."

- Since my other Project X tasks are in the Office context, and since I could do this from the office via email (although that wouldn't be optimal), it needs to go into my Office context, lest it fail to appear in a list of available Office tasks.

- On the other hand, I will probably see my boss at the next Directors meeting, so it needs to go into the Directors context.

- On the third (?) hand, I may have a serendipitous encounter with my boss before then, so it needs to go into my Boss context.

The number of actions like this is so large that a generic Multiple context would quickly contain an unmanageable number of disparate actions.

In short, I need a one-to-many relationship between action and context. Stated more conventionally, I need to be able to tag an action with multiple contexts, without creating duplicates of that action. Can this be done in OF? If not, have any of you found a workaround?