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Breaking with iPhone standard gesture rules is a very bad idea in general.
While this is the built in behavior of the UITableView - its not clear from any of the HIG docs that this is in fact a standard. It is the free and easy thing to do because its built in, but the docs suggest that there could be other "editing" styles used.

I think it should give back the Design Award if it abuses the gestures. It might be a good idea here, but then, every program finds some way to make use of other gestures, and shortly no standard behaviour is left on that great device.
I do think that the app should ship with the default behavior, but then have a pref for using it to flag.

However after scanning the reference docs for the class, it looks harder to implement than I would have guessed.

Perhaps in edit mode (like in mail you can select multiple messages and then choose to move or delete) you could select multiple and then choose to delete or flag...