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I find it really hard to group tasks on the iPad. The only way I can do this with any accuracy is from within a project but most of the time I group tasks to avoid creating a small project.

In the inbox, for example, I create 3 tasks

- task 1
- task 2
- task 3

I want task 1 to be the header so I select task 2 and move it to task 1. The I do the same with task 3. Fine so far.

If I then set the header's context and project, all three disappear. If I set the tasks context and projects the the header is left behind and becomes available, the 2 tasks are seperated from the header and are both available in their contexts.

I'm confused, there must be an easier way
Your inbox is where you collect tasks, once you sent contexts and projects, they will disappear from your inbox., if you look in the projects folder, you may find them in the 'no project' project, if if you've given them a project, in that project.