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First, thank you to mjt for his help. One of the great things about macs and companies like Omni is the community. Really appreciated.

I tried mjt's suggestion, and had similar problems. I pared down the database until it was about 200K, but could not get it any smaller. So, I did something suggested elsewhere in the forum. I am sorry I do not recall the author, but his help is also greatly appreciated.

Following his lead, I copied my database to another folder, and omnifocus then created a new, blank database when I opened the program. I then doubled clicked the old database, to open it next to the new, essentially blank one, and dragged all my stuff from the old to the new. I deleted everything from, did a fresh sync, and then clicked on the email with the settings on my phone. This time, it worked perfectly, and subsequent syncs are going fine.

I used the old 1.0 OF, and wonder whether there was an issue with the upgrade to the new form of database in 1.1. I any case, it is working, and I am deliriously happy.

I am looking forward to further improvements, and thanks again to those in the forum.