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I have a relatively complex shape that is made up of many objects, each object within the shape seems to be a bitmap with magnets assigned

I am trying to draw a line from outside a shape/picture to a magnet located on an object deep inside the complex shape.

When I attempt this the line always jumps to the edge of the object not the magnet inside the object.

If I select the line and turn off "Allow connections to other objects" or click on the shape and turn off "Allow connections from lines" I can position the end point of the line exactly where I want it, but it does not lock to that position of the object.

How can I lock it to this position of the object/magnet?

For background the complex shape is a graphic of a network chassis. It is made up of multiple objects inside each other. starting from the outside chassis, slots, modules, ports etc. I am trying to draw a line from outside the shape to the inner most object a port