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I'm an academic using OP to manage my different roles (for example, my role as a teacher and my role as a researcher). Using OP, I have split my role up into distinct resources: Teacher-Me (who works in the afternoons and evenings) and researcher-me (who works in the mornings and on weekends). I actually have more roles/resources than that, but I'm going to keep this simple.

I wonder if you could 1) let the user designate that two resources are actually the same person (and thus, cannot have overlapping schedules) and/or 2) allow the user to edit the schedules of two or more resources in a single calendar, so it will be simple to make sure that the schedules don't overlap.

Say, for example, I know that I'll have a lot of grading for the second week in November, which means for that week I'll have to edit my weekly resource schedules so I spend more time as a Teacher and less as a Researcher. Ideally, I'd like to be able to do that in one act. Right now, I have to first edit the Teacher resource and then edit the Researcher resource, to make sure there's no overlap. This gets complicated quickly (especially as I have more than two roles/resources).

I would think such a change would be useful to many in and outside of a university--anyone who is using OP to manage work and home life, for example.

Enjoying OP very much. Thanks!