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Thanks for the script whpalmer -- I am eager to try it out!

To answer your why question, I'm a teacher, and often I create matching exercises.
* In the main outliner, I put vocabulary words.
* I add a text column and write a sentence for each word
* I add another text column and write a definition to each word

Then, I want to copy the sentence and definition columns into my word processor separately, so I can put them in separate columns there and sort (to pseudo randomize their order).

I understand that outliners are row based -- I am a *heavy* user of both Circus Ponies notebook and omnioutliner... I just think it's strange that you can highlight a column, but not copy it (short of exporting it to CSV). But, as you say, it's an outliner, not a spreadsheet.

Thank you again sooo much for the applescript!!!