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Is there any way to do this?

For example, I have a task that will take 2 weeks in total. If I add two people to this task that are 100% allocated to the project, it will update the task to take 1 week. I would like it to stay at 2 weeks.

I realize that I can do things like change the % allocation of each resource to the project, or make the original duration 4 weeks so that it falls to 2 weeks when I add someone.

My workflow right now is like this, and I'd like to keep it as simple as possible:
1. lay out all tasks for the project
2. work with the development team to decide duration of each task
3. put tasks on the timeline
4. add one or more people's names to each task
5. End result - Easily see project Gantt chart view as well as view of what each person will be working on in the coming weeks.

Is there any way I can keep this simplicity without messing with percentage allocations or inflating task durations before adding resources?