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Hi everyone,

I have seen multiple forum posts with questions about leveling and units < 100%, but haven't found the answer I was looking for. I am using Omniplan 2.1.2.

My example:
- two tasks: Start (1d) and Finish (6d)
- resource group "my team" with John and Mary
- resources are set to "keep effort fixed"
- the team works part-time (50%)
- I assign the tasks to "my team"

To specify the resources are working part time, I have set their units to 50%.
They don't have fixed schedules, all I know is that they work 20 hours a week.

When I level my project, each task is done both by John (50% of 50%) and Mary (50% of 50%).

This is not what I expect. I would expect only one person to work on the task, and automatically adjust the duration if necessary.

Any suggestions?