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My suspicion is that the URL is actually fine, and you're tripping over a very annoying OF bug involving window creation when you've got a window focused on a project.

In my experience, if you do have a window in the stack somewhere that is focused on one or more projects, when you do a New Window command, either explicitly or implicitly (by opening a URL from Growl, iCal, etc.), you get a copy of that focused window, even if it isn't the top one on the stack. Murphy's Law pretty much ensures that the project you want will not be in the scope of that focused window, and so it won't be able to take you directly to the action in question -- you'll just get a window that leaves you wondering what is broken. I've been reporting this bug to Omni for months, and I find it quite demoralizing that it appears they may be willing to ship a second release of the product with this bug present.