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The instructions on my Mac an iPhone don't seem to cover the situation I'm seeing. I just downloaded the iPhone version of OmniFocus (1.1.4). My Mac and iPhone are on the same wireless network. I would like to sync to the existing OmniFocus on my Mac (version 1.5 v77.

On the Mac, Preferences, Sync, Bonjour. Already have done "Keep the sync database on this Mac", set a password, and sync-ed. Then, on my iPhone, start up OmniFocus, choose "Set Up Sync". Then it tells me to "Click the Share Settings button on your Mac, then tap your user name n the list below." The iPhone has a field that says "Searching ..." but nothing comes up.

BTW, since the iPhone says, "If you don't see your name in the list, click the Send Settings button ...." Did that too, but it certainly seems like the Mac and the iPhone can't see each other, no?

I know the Mac and the iPhone are on the same wireless network. There is no firewall on the Mac. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.