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Well, I still haven't figured out why it's not working on the WiFi I was talking about earlier, which is a network at my office. However, on my home's WiFi, I had no real problem. My iPhone sync-ed fine to my MacBook Pro, which I'd brought home with me.

So, the next day, yesterday I had success with the following. And now I am doing this whenever I want to sync -- so, it's something I have to remember to do, but it's working.

On the Mac, pulling down the Airport icon to "Create Network...", I create a temporary network from the Mac. Then, on my iPhone, I go to the iPhone's settings, and choose that WiFi network. Then, when I open OmniFocus on the iPhone, eventually (it does sometimes take a while for the iPhone to get all its planets aligned) it syncs. Later, I remove the network -- actually I turn off the Mac's Airport so that my machine is not discoverable *all* the time (I'm Ethernet-ed after all).

Cool. I now have a way to sync via Bonjour, albeit with more steps than I'd like. Just thought I'd tidy up this thread. At least a bit. There is still one mystery to solve: what's going on with the WiFi that is already set up in the office here. It does not surprise me though. There have been all kinds of problems with it over time, though I imagine this is an intentional Firewall/security kind of issue. I would just like to understand it.