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Well, I can almost do it with a persective.

In the due date or start date, when setting up a task I can simply write in November or October or whatever to dump a task into future month. I also put the number of days estimated in the time estimate column

As I don't use the estimated time for anything else , I can filter the perspective view using the more than 1 hour option. This restricts the view to these major tasks.

And then sort by start date with no grouping.

Although not ideal, this pulls all the major tasks for any month together and I can scan down the Estimated time to add up the nuber of days work allocated for any particular month.

I would have liked it to be have been grouped with a label by month and to have had Omnifocus add up the time allocation per month for me, but as it is, it would seem to work well enough.

I can now look at this perspective, get an idea of major tasks within a month and easily move a task to different month if I realise a month is overloaded, or avoid adding any more work for that month.

So although not ideal, I am fairly pleased with this.

Thanks for everyones help.