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But as I mentioned before, I have SO MUCH stuff in OmniFocus (and I feel it's "organized" quite well), that I have so much to do (with due dates), that I'm constantly using Dan Byler's "Defer" script to push dates back. I feel like I only have time to do my flagged tasks (for "home/personal" type tasks).
I have stopped fiddling with juggling and pushing start dates forward. There was this discussion about start dates here.

I'd usually use start dates only when necessary. I would set all of my project status to "On Hold". During my weekly review, I'll look at active projects and change some active projects back to "On Hold" when I know I won't be working on it in the next week or near future. I'll look at my "On Hold" projects and turn on just a small handful (set Project status to "Active") when I know I'll be working on it in the next 7 days.

This helps me from having to figure out when to start a project (make it active) or when to put a project on the back burner (make it "on hold").

I know I'll be reminded in the future when I do my Weekly Review on my iPad. The On Hold project will pop up for me in Review Mode. I'll look at it and decide to either keep it in "on hold" mode (someday/maybe) and click "Mark as Reviewed". This will push the next review date to the next review cycle.

During Review mode on the iPad, I can look at an "On Hold" project, change the status to "Active" and click "Mark as Reviewed". Then I'm on my way to starting a project today or whatever start date I want (hopefully in the next 7 days).

I think you like using the Start Dates as a way to remind yourself to Review. Don't use Start Dates as a tickler or reminder. You can tickle yourself in Review mode instead.

If you are in "Review" mode on the iPad, you can also hold down the button where it says "Review every week" and you can change the review cycle to something longer or shorter to change the review cycle.