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Has there been any thought given to:

(1) an auto-archive preference.
(2) allowing archiving to a webdav server.

Both of these would encourage me to actually use the archive feature.
Yes, we're definitely thinking about this; it frustrates me, too! I don't want to have to remember whether my archive is at home or work, I want my archive available everywhere my main database is, and I want to automatically synchronize any changes I make to my archive just like I do with my main database.

There are some UI questions to think through (do we just sync to the same location as we do the main database?), but fundamentally there isn't anything in the architecture to stop us from doing this: we've already designed the archive to track its changes for synchronization, just as we do for the main database.

So if we agree that that synchronizing the archive is a good idea and it's already been designed with syncing in mind, why don't we have a syncing archive already? Well, for the same reason that we don't yet have syncing perspectives: Rome wasn't built in a day! :) We're still working on OmniFocus, and I hope to get to that feature soon.