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My approach on the other side (teaching college courses) is to define a top-level folder called Teaching (an Area of Responsibility) with each course that I teach as a folder inside. I subdivide this further in to folders for Lectures, Topics, Assignments, and Exams. The Lectures folder contains a Lecture Admin X project for each lecture. In it, I remind myself to prepare the lecture notes, read the material we will cover, and post the final administrative page content. The Topics folder contains such notes as reminders for making Study Guides or updating the topic notes (eg, PowerPoint slides) or Example Problems for each TOPIC (ie, an entire book chapter). The Assignments folder holds Homework or Capstone Report projects, with the requisite action groups and tasks for Starting, Proofing, Collecting, Keying, Grading, and Returning a given assignment. The Exams folder is similar to the Assignments folder, with each exam as its own project.