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Maybe you can install OmniFocus for iPhone and use the Omni Sync Server to sync your tasks from your iPhone to your OmniFocus for Mac.

At work, my boss likes to use the web app called Asana to keep track of tasks. So I'd have to do double-entry to show activity sometimes.

But more often than note, I'm just resigned to using Asana for most of my work and keeping OF on iPhone for everything else not work related.

Another idea is to learn how to use remote access software like

This lets you access your your Mac remotely via web browser. Then you can just use OmniFocus that way.

I've never tried VNC but that might be another way to remotely connect to your Mac. I've heard setting up is a little tricky but it's as smooth as butter once you get it running.

Oftentimes, I'd just leave the Windows notebook and just use my own MacBook Pro. Of course, you'd have to check with your work office regulations if you're allowed to bring your own computer and also keep confidential company documents on your computer.

I show them that I have FileVault encryption with a password on screensaver and wakeup to prove that the data is secure.