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First, I chose OF iphone because I love the idea "get the most done where I am now". What good is a scheduled calendar appt if you're not where you need to be? Constant rescheduling? Yuck.

Anyway, $20, and here I am. I've nearly purchased the desktop application many times, but I was constantly worried it'd be wasted since I've a crush on Notational Velocity, an application I use religiously. Also, I note everything in 20-40 characters anyway. Before now, all GTD Moleskine, but OF iphone promised the days of page flipping a thing of the past.

So, for 4-5 days I muddled around the app, adding a few things, getting familiar, not yet ready to completely give up the Moleskine. I hadn't synced to iTunes at that point (not even once, I am also a new iPhone user).

When I finally did sync to iTunes my "data" was backed up, I believe. Well, I had installed a load of free applications (again, new user syndrome) that I wanted gone. Accidentally, I unchecked the OF iphone app in iTunes at that time.

When I noticed I'd uninstalled it, I promptly went back to iTunes and rechecked it. To my dismay, I was asked to create a fresh database when I launched on the phone. Whoa? Surely iTunes had it somewhere, right? So off to apple docs I go. Well, I think I could have gotten those 4-5 days back, but I didn't like what it entailed, for sure. Time machine, buried folders, etc., etc.,

So that wasn't going to work for me. MobileMe? Not interested. I guess setting up WebDAV on my mac remained. I'd never done that before but I'm command-line literate so I wasn't concerned. I followed the directions from here:

That's better. Now I feel safe.

I really like the app. My two wishes would be:

a.) The "New Inbox Item" screen had the note field included, instead of an extra tap away. On second thought, it would be an extra tap to bring up the KB anyway, so scratch this one, lol.

b.) The Nearby distance had a range setting. Or, perhaps I haven't found it?

Looking forward to CalDAV for occasional notifications.