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i think i'm wanting something different than just a due date today action list.

i want something which gives my confused mind an idiot list of things i want to do today, and a syntax for them. if i'm feeling particularly stupid or unfocused, it helps me to have a simple list of what i want to do and the order i want to do them in.

-site development 1 hour
-grocery shopping
-call logo designer

these are a combination of outcome and process oriented activities, not all of which would be in an omnifocus list already.

the today feature is already available in cc things, and it works great - reordering of today items is easy, and it lets me forget about everything else. what's next? oh yeah, there it is...

i don't see a feasible workaround in omnifocus, and don't see why such a feature would be detrimental to any other workflows. using the OF flags doesn't give me the ability to order flagged items manually - flagged items is a context view, not a projects view.

"today" status is the single feature which makes me keep wondering when cc will get their cloud syncing act together... (well, that and the fact that omni are so damned slow at integrating their products eg omnifocus and omniplan for starters.)

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