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elektroglide, I am not suggesting a "due" date action list... I see "start" dates as the mechanism within OF to determine what is done "Today" - if an action hasn't started then it isn't ready to be done today (or earlier). Due dates are entirely different. A start date is for actions that you have decided, for whatever reason, to be done once that date (and time, if you want to be specific) has been reached. A due date is for actions where the date is set by an outside force, not just your own arbitrary decision. It is due because there will be consequence if you don't complete the action by that date (and time)... eg: a key meeting, an expiration of a discount, a flight, whatever.
I hate to harp on about it (but I will ;) - the easiest way to make a Today list within the current OF architecture is for Omni to create an option within Perspectives to only show Actions/Projects with a start date on or before "now". This should be accompanied by a more easy method of marking actions/projects with a start date/time of "now".