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Hey Everyone!

We've spent the last several weeks incorporating an updated WebKit into OmniWeb. This newer WebKit has a lot of new features - in particular, it uses new stylable form elements that are, well, "still in development." This was a major reason why we've kept you waiting on 5.5.1 - that code just isn't ready for prime time yet.

So... We've put together a new build of OmniWeb 5.5.1 that's using the older WebKit. we've added several improvements to make it more friendly to many of the WebSites out there. backpackit for instance should now be working as well as many of the other ajax-y sites that weren't previously. Other fixes include restoring applescript support and addressing the issues with localhost cookies.

The work that we've been focusing on in the time since the 5.5 release has become 5.6 and we're still hammering away on this release. This change will let us bring you much needed bug fixes in a more timely manner rather than keeping you waiting while we work on the WebKit bugs.

Hopefully you'll find the 5.5.1 release to be an improvement over 5.5 and as always be sure to let us know if you encounter any issues!

OmniWeb 5.5.1 release notes can be found here.

and you can download 5.5.1 from the OmniWeb beta page here.