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At some point, I would like to learn about regex searches.
Learning regex, even just a little, is extremely useful. And if you dig deeper, you can do some really powerful text manipulation. Even without using a scripting language, you can do some really cool stuff with an app like BBEdit or TextWrangler and a bit of regex.

Here's a nice place to get started:

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I'm curious, would you try to track something like this in omnifocus or in a spreadsheet?
Actually, if it's only a small amount of data, I'd probably make a simple table in a Yojimbo text note and manage it there for quick and easy access.

OmniOutliner is a good choice too, I think. A spread sheet would certainly also do the trick, but I tend to prefer something lighter and quicker for this sort of thing; I only resort to spreadsheets when I need to do calculations or I'm working with large amounts of data.


PS - It just occurred to me that you asked about managing it in OmniFocus, not OmniOutliner. Yeah, I suppose that would work too. You could put it in the note field of your project. But I think I'd still manage it externally and then link it in wherever it'd be useful.

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