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How do people feel about having the ability to populate the notes field with spotlight search terms? This way a project for a wedding can have a note that when expanded shows a live list of all the files tagged "wedding". Sort of like integrating smart folders inside the project notes

Expanding on that about having that functionality in a separate "reference" button next to notes, allowing you the option of having notes and reference material separate.
I feel that being able to have reference material related to an OF entry is key. I may have files, appointments, calendar entries, etc., and being able to view all those/have access to them would be very helpful.

I am finding that this can be currently achievable using TagoMan. If I have a tag that I use to organize information called "tagname", entering the tag as tag://[tagname] brings up a TagoMan window that has all the items that are aggregated under the tag.

I am curious whether there is a way to easily invoke external applications with specific parameters - I am thinking of opening a Finder smartfolder that has all my items.