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I am finding that this can be currently achievable using TagoMan. If I have a tag that I use to organize information called "tagname", entering the tag as tag://[tagname] brings up a TagoMan window that has all the items that are aggregated under the tag.

I am curious whether there is a way to easily invoke external applications with specific parameters - I am thinking of opening a Finder smartfolder that has all my items.
I don't know if you're trying to open the Finder smartfolder from TagoMan or from OF, but it maybe doesn't matter. I did some experimentation just now and while I was able to get a working file:// URL to the Saved Searches folder to work, I was not able to get one step past that to actually open the smart folder directly.

I also tried making a little Applescript file that invoked the saved search, and while I was able to get that to work, I wasn't able to get OmniFocus to actually execute the script from a link, only open its home in the Finder.

tell application "Finder"
	open file (POSIX file "/Users/oftest/Desktop/Test.savedSearch")
end tell
You could have a file URL for the Applescript file in OF which would at least take you to that search file, then double-click to get the window full of matches. Better than nothing?