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I'm interested in what people have said on this thread, the interesting point being the use of the iPad app on the desktop.

I to swung between Things, Omnifocus, Toodledo and others, but always came back to Omnifocus. I actually find the logic in OF easier to understand than Things, but freely admit that I have lost track of individual tasks in both. Currently I use a complicated sync that puts my tasks into my calendar on both desktop and device so I can see easily what has to be done today. I don't tick anything off the list, or add it outside of OF, I just use it to view the list for the day.

My personal view is that Apple have missed a trick with the app store, why they have not opted for an iOS virtual machine that emulates the iPad on the desktop and mirrors it to your iOS devices is beyond me. This sounds like a killer concept, and the responses on the thread that the iPad app would be ideal on it's own, on the desktop backs this up.
Just making a store for Mac apps, with the restrictions placed on it seems strange when they could have added the existing store to a dashboard like VM, and attracted more devs to one run anywhere platform.

I'm really considering jailbreaking my iPhone just to work this method backwards, VNC into the device from the desktop to access the apps on it, some, including OF, are that good on the device to warrant it, and if anyone could enable the iPad in a Parrallels VM I'd be there like a shot, and would by buying additional apps from the App store straight away.