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the interesting point being the use of the iPad app on the desktop.
I believe the reason so many people prefer the iPad interface right now is simply because it's the most recently designed interface and therefore picks up lessons learned from the other two.

The iPhone interface will never be spectacular because the size of the device greatly limits the functionality. It will always be about as good as it is now, which is quite good IMO for what it does.

The desktop interface is several years old and largely the same as it was at version 1.0. It has a lot of quirks which I personally don't like because it's inconsistent with most of my Mac apps (such as the mouseover stuff, entering edit mode on a single click, and delete moving from field to field). It borrowed heavily from the already existing OmniOutliner for its initial design which was probably good for expediency. However, we know that Omni Group has been working on version 2 for some time now and I'm guessing it's going to include a lot of UI changes based on what they've learned over the past few years including what they've learned from the iPad. Even though I still struggle somewhat with OmniFocus I'm still excited to see what they come up with for version 2. Until then, I don't think an OF Lite is even worth considering.