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I've updated the file in the first post to v1.2
  • Moved all the configuration options to an ini file on Windows to make future script updates easier.
  • Added the ability to change the keystroke combinations for each hotkey action. Setting any key sequence to a null value will disable the action. This is handy to disable Yojimbo if not needed or to map your Windows and Mac shortcuts to the same keys where possible.
  • Changed the naming convention of the transaction files.
  • The folder action script on the Mac now silently ignores unrecognized files.
  • Now includes a pre-compiled standalone executable of the Windows script. You no longer need to install AutoHotKey. The script is still included if you prefer to run from source. There is no performance gain either way.
  • Fixed a bug where the working directory would not be used if it didn't already exist.
  • Fixed a bug where Internet Explorer wasn't being recognized for anyone but me.

Note: The pre-compiled script executable had to be removed from the posting due to file size restrictions. I'll be asking Omni if the limits can be changed.

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