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I just downloaded 1.9 and can't seem to be able to hide the item count badges even after unchecking the "Show item count" in the preferences. Specifically the badges in the contexts column.
Am I overlooking something obvious? (very possible).
It is puzzling why Omni chose to remove that feature without explanation. Fortunately, if you are willing to use the Terminal application (found in the Utilities folder of the Application folder), you can customize the sidebar badge display, including turning it off entirely on a condition-by-condition basis.

In the Terminal, when OmniFocus is not running, the following command will configure the options:

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniFocus <badgename> <badgetype>
where <badgename> is one of:
InboxBadge, AvailableBadge, DueSoonBadge, OverdueBadge
and <badgetype> is one of:
none, dot, count
To remove any customization and restore factory settings, use

defaults delete com.omnigroup.OmniFocus <badgename>
(This is preferable to setting the current default behavior, as that would prevent you from seeing any change Omni might make in the default behavior in the future.)

Note: all of these commands are case-sensitive!

The setting for InboxBadge is overridden by DueSoonBadge and OverdueBadge; if you have an overdue or due soon item in the Inbox and you've specified that they be shown, you'll get the display even though you may have turned off InboxBadge. InboxBadge might be thought of as InboxBadgeWhenThere'sNothingPressing, but InboxBadge is much easier to type :-)

Notice that <badgetype> includes an option not available through the normal user interface: dot. You just get a color-coded dot, somewhat smaller than the usual badge, no number. If you want a subtle reminder that there are actions in the Inbox, but not a number staring you in the face, or maybe the same for actions which are due soon, but not yet overdue, the dot is a nice option.

Just to stave off some potential confusion, I'll point out that these settings interact with the badge settings for menu bar and dock icon in potentially confusing ways. If you have set your preferences so that the dock icon count is the number of due soon items, but you've turned off display of due soon items (DueSoonBadge none), you will not get any indication in the dock icon, and you won't get a menubar menu at all! Similarly, if you turn on (InboxBadge count), but have (DueSoonBadge none) and (OverdueBadge none) set, you won't see a count of items in the Inbox whenever you've got an overdue or due soon item in there, because OF uses the most urgent item to decide how to style the display.

If you don't like the change Omni has made here, let them know via Help->Send Feedback. Similarly, if you like the change, also let them know via Help->Send Feedback.

A feature I'd like to see is the ability to set these options via URL (as you can do with the iOS versions). Had I had such a feature, this post would have contained a menu of links you could click to set all of these options. If you send in feedback asking for this, you can help me help you in the future :-)

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