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Still no possibility to sort flagged items. (IE move them up and down)

That's ALL I really wanted for an update

A problem with any kind of manual sorting option for context mode is that you need to somehow keep a record of the order the user has chosen, both so that it doesn't evaporate if you close the window or quit OmniFocus, and so that the order can be synced to any other OmniFocus clients. Without that, it's a pretty slipshod implementation, in my view. Unfortunately, to add it likely means extending the file format, and suddenly it's a much more involved project than just twiddling the UI around a bit. My guess is you don't see it prior to 2.0 for that reason they'll want to change the file format once, not twice in quick succession.

On the Mac, you can just drag and drop actions into another application, such as TextEdit, creating a list with your desired ordering. The actions will go over as links, and when you click the links, you'll be taken to OmniFocus and the corresponding action. Doesn't really help if you wanted to work off your iPhone or iPad, but it beats writing things down!