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If I enter 12 h it convert it in 5 h, 8h in 1h, 2d in 2h., 2 w in 0,001 h
I also tried it in french because my omniplan version is in french and same things 2 j (jours) become 2h,

I just cannot use omniplan now I'm using Merlin instead for now until it résolve.
That appears to be an entirely different issue. You should contact Omni support via Help->Send Feedback and give them examples of what is apparently not working for you, and exact details on your setup. When I set my 10.6.8 system to use French as the primary language and French formats for dates, etc. I see much the same behavior — entering "2 j" for a task duration results in "2 h" in the display. However, if you use the English abbreviations (s / m / h / d / w / mo / y) it appears to turns them into French (s / m / h / j / s / mo / a) for most. I do also see some weird behavior with the checkboxes I mentioned where I can't always click on some of them depending on which others are checked!