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I'm a new Omniplan user, been out of the project management loop for a while, so maybe I'm missing something. I'm working on a 3-month project for the purchase and workup of a new passenger vessel. There are a lot of 1-day and 2-day tasks which can happen any day in a given period, generally a 1-week window.

OK, so I set the constraints for start and end of the period, which show up on screen as a pale grey bar. But that doesn't print, and all I see is the end-of constraint bracket.

Now I can look for that because I know it's there - but I can't expect colleagues [including the MD] who aren't used to gazing at Gantts to see and recognise it.

Any suggestions - today I'm actually going to output a PDF and draw on that, but I'd like to find a "real" way to make the constraints show when printed.

All contribs grat rec, as they say.