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The Folders/Projects/Groups structure is plain confusing. We should instead just have items which act as projects if they contain other items, and act as actions if they don't contain anything else. Actions can exist at the top level, they don't need to have containers.

Users should be able to nest these action/projects to an unlimited number of levels.

Eliminate parallel projects. They're just confusing. I know what the theoretical difference is between parallel projects and the other kinds of projects. I just don't see parallel projects as useful. To the contrary, I see their existence as harmful.

Single-action lists do essentially the same thing. The default for new projects should be configurable in preferences as either sequential or single-action lists.

I plan to write this up as a feature request and submit it to the appropriate email address; I'd just like to hear from the community about it before I do, to see if I overlooked anything.
I have to disagree. I use OF for both work and private purposes and the ability to sort my large amount of projects into folders for their various main areas of responsibility is priceless. Would I just have a long list of projects without any additional sorting, I would lose track fast. Imagine being in the office and checking the todo for the day. I do not want to go through 300 projects to find what I need to work on this very day at the office.

As for parallel projects, I do not see them as harmful. On the contrary, I think it is necessary to have projects which need a number of tasks to be done for the project to be completed and in which those tasks have the same priority / are not directly dependent. Why not do that with a single action list? Well, because to me a single action list holds all the little things I need to do at some point but which are that, single actions (like, setting out the garbage or getting a certain book from the store). Single single actions belong on a single action list from which they will simply disappear once com
Competed. Multiple single actions needed to complete a greater goal belong into a project to mark their dependency and to have them "in one place". The sorting (parallel, sequential) is only that, a way to sort them by what has - or does not have to - be done first. If none of the actions have to be done to enable me to start doing the others then that's parallel actions in a project. I want that.

May I ask why you think a different structure would be more useful? How many projects/tasks do you have and how many (all numbers roughly, of course) of those tasks are in parallel projects / single action lists?