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I have to agree with Christian, I like the ability to set the structure up as complex or as simple as I want it to be. I have set up folders to represent my 30k, 20k, 10k and runway levels as well as a separate folder for Home. Within those folders I have projects related to that level, and nested folders for large projects. Within these nested folder projects I may have one or many projects that break down the different sections of that large project - some may be parallel, some may be sequential dependent on the needs of that part of the project. I also keep a "Notes Project" in there that is put on hold so I can keep a list of notes for that specific project all together in the same container. I also have a Single Action list on top of all that for those actions that do not fit into any project, as well as a Single Action list in my Home folder.

This separation gives me the ability to set up perspectives to see exactly what I want to see at any given time. Or, if I want to determine the status of a project at 1 PM on Tuesday because my boss asked all I have to do is focus on it's folder and I will immediately see any outstanding actions (and completed ones if I want) as well as all the notes for that particular project without having to go anywhere else to gather the information, or to do any searching.