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I've got an on hold project (appears in sidebar when I am showing On Hold projects). If I go to the inbox, create a new action, tab to the project field and start typing the name of the on hold project, it shows up in the list that appears. Now, if I do the same with a dropped project, or a project that is contained in a dropped folder, it does not appear in the list. I suspect this is what is happening in your case.
Thanks for the reply--this is helpful, (and it has nothing to do with dropped folders or dropped projects). If I start typing, the On Hold projects DO appear--in gray, and the Active projects appear in black. I can then select an On Hold project, but if I click on the dropdown box, it still does not appear. So, it looks like I now have 2 options to be able to move an Inbox item into an On Hold project: 1. Drag it manually onto the project in the Library, or 2. Start typing and it will appear.

I'm assuming that this is all by design, but I would still like an option to have On Hold projects appear in the dropdown list. I'll wait a bit longer for some more input and feedback before officially requesting the enhancement to the support ninjas.