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I can't help but think that having some kind of indicator for "In Progress" at the task level would be helpful.
How does it help? You've still got a task to complete, it just isn't quite as big as when you started.

If you need some indication that you've started, why not put "IP:" at the start of the action name? With that, you can search to see if there are any incomplete in-progress tasks that you are overlooking.
Chris mentioned in another post improving the forecast screen, that the tasks that are started remain on the forecast screen on subsequent days. I think this would be great. This In Progress feature would tie in with that in the sense that a task marked as in progress by double tapping would then acquire this behavior that it would remain visible on subsequent days until marked complete.
Okay, this makes some sense if you use start dates to schedule when you are going to work on something instead of when you are first able to work on something. But I would argue that a task so large that you need to work on other tasks before you finish it is really something that should be broken down into more digestible chunks.
If we don't have this ability then how else can we handle tasks that take longer to complete? Some will say to break them down further in to more tasks but this becomes impractical in many cases.

You don't have to break it down in advance. You work on the task, run out of time that day, add a child task that describes what you have left to do. The next day you see exactly where you pick up. Repeat as many times as needed.