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I happen to like chopped liver :) All of it was great. Thanks for your thoughtful reply! I didn't realize it when I posted the thread but I do now, that you can't have nested projects in OF for iPad. But you can simulate this by having an action group inside of a project, which acts like a sub-project. And you can have many levels of this.

In your graphic, I notice there are items in black, gray, and purple. I assume purple is next action. Gray is probably future action, and black is available right now. The hard part to this is understanding the behavior when the groups, whether it's a project or action group, are sequential, parallel, or single action, and their child groups can be independently sequential or parallel. There are 6 possible combinations:

Project/Action Group:

single actions/sequential

single actions/parallel

The actions displayed to the user depend upon the availability filter which has four states:

Next Action

The key to understanding how OF works is in understanding the above and I am still struggling with this.

At this point, I don't see the difference between Parallel and Single Actions. What is the behavior of actions between these two types of projects. Note that Single Actions are not available to action groups for some reason that I don't know.