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Would it be possible to to add a zip archive to the export options?

Let me explain. There are obvious ongoing issues with synchronisation. I really do like omnioutliner and it is my weapon of choice and having both Mac and iPad versions I'm all set. I love the way I can drag in other documents and they appear in the iPad version when I push it across. Here in is the problem.

I've tried the Omnisync server, but this took 60 minutes to sync 7mb. When I map the drive into finder (I'm on SL) things really slow down. This means omnisync isn't for me it just isn't practical.

I do however use SMEstorage (really good by the way) and they have a desktop app that connects just about every cloud provider into one handy mapped drive with no problems. There is one fly in the ointment. The .oo3 extension. When I connect to the webdav server to export an omnioutliner document I always get an error. I've used Goodreader, Readdledocs, you name it and they all have a problem with .oo3. Once I zip the document the problem disappears and it handles just like any other file. I can zip them on my desktop, but need a way to zip the omnioutliner files in omnioutliner for iPad so that I can export the file. I could do this via readdledocs, but this would require me to open the .oo3 document in readdledocs, create a new folder, move the .oo3 document in the new folder and zip it. This is just too cumbersome to do each time.

So please please please please add a zip archive into the export options!

many thanks