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I think I know where you are getting to; which could indeed be a further improvement of my delegate workflow. Before I am going to really modify my 300++ delegated tasks, just a confirmation I am getting it:

You use the due date of a task to reflect the date the delegate committed to finishing the task (accountability). And the start date for yourself to check on progress of the specific task (thus expediting to an early finish). The context for the delegate therewith can be set to ACTIVE. You only have to make sure every delegated task has AND a startdate (for expediting) AND a due date (Ultimate accountable end date). In the ultimate case that you do not want to expedite on a task, you set both start & due to the same date. On expediting for the progress of the task you push the start date to a new expediting date (or set it to the end date for no further expediting)?

Could really work! (I probably have been mislead by having the OF standard contxt waiting being set to HOLD).