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I've been trying and trying to make this work and I've been googling until my google is sore and I'm at wits end and ready to ask for help. Here goes.

I have a Work context set up and it shows me tasks that are either due today or flagged. It works great, I love it, life is good. HOWEVER, I can't figure out one thing.... (drum roll):

I want tasks that have a start date that's in the past to also show up in my context, in addition to everything else there. But not ones that have no start dates.

I want to stop doing the whole "make it due as a reminder -> don't really need to do it today -> make it due in another few days dance". All the cool kids are using start dates and I want too also.

Here's how my work context is set up:
- Context mode
- Group and Sort actions by project
- Availability: available
- Status: due or flagged
- Duration: any duration

I love the layout, I love the way groups are separated by that grey bar. I just want to add items with past start dates to this list.

I think what I want is a choice for "status filter" that's basically "Due or flagged OR with a past start date. But don't show me crap without a start date, I don't want it!".

Aside from making each item have a start date of 9/9/2099, and using a project mode perspective, is there any way to do what I'm looking for?