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Aim: With just one step/action - get a 'Waiting For' type email out of my mail inbox, filed in my 'waiting for' mail folder, with an entry in my 'Waiting for' list in OmniFocus.

Ideally a solution would exist for Mac, iPhone and iPad (I suspect slightly different on each platform). I want to use the 'touch it once' philosophy to empty the inbox. My 'email' normally breaks down into:
  • do now (<2 minutes)
  • do later (action is with me)
  • waiting for (action is with them)
  • delete
  • add to my reading queue

The Omnifocus MailDrop feature (forward the email to my dedicated email address on the omni sync server) works to get it into my OmniFocus inbox, but then requires a second process to drop it into the 'Waiting for' context (and project - but that is less important to me at this stage as a daily task of setting projects to unallocated waiting for items as part of the 'have they responded yet' admin is OK)

What workflows do you use? What would you suggest?