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Originally Posted by Terry
I can't connect with 11872. 3000 doesn't work either, of course.
Sorry, I have to ask... did you double check to make sure that it is turned on in OF preferences?

Originally Posted by Terry
Is there a server that should show in Activity Monitor? When I close OF, then try to view in OmniWeb, OF doesn't start like it did when using 3000.

Doesn't work locally or via the Internet.
are you trying localhost:11872 or or ?

The only thing I see in activity viewer is 'ruby' when it's running... of course that might be something else if you have other ruby apps running.

Best thing to do is to launch and type (or copy/paste) this:

ps auxww|fgrep -i omnifocus | sed G

which should give you something like this:

tjl 22831 0.8 -1.0 46216 20956 ?? Ss 12:18AM 0:02.78 /usr/bin/ruby /Users/tjl/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/Web Interface/script/server webrick -e production --port 11872

(note: you can pretty much ignore everything before the /usr/bin/ruby on each line above, as they will change. The point is that you should see the ruby line above if it is running, even if is not)